Wat Kow Tahm International Meditation Centre


Wat Kow Tahm (Mountain Cave Monastery) International Meditation Center was developed by the Head Nun, Mae Chee Ahmon, a Thai Buddhist nun for over 50 years, to provide a place for International travelers to practice Buddhist Meditation.

When Rosemary & Steve Weissman visited the Monastery for personal practice, she asked if they would help her teach travelers.

This watkowtahm.org website was established by Steve & Rosemary to advertise their retreats. After 25 years of teaching here, Rosemary & Steve returned to Australia to live and teach.

This site no longer advertises Wat Kow Tahm. For more information about Steve & Rosemary's new teaching programs, please visit Rosemary & Steve's new website.

For information concerning Wat Kow Tahm, please visit Wat Kow Tahm's new website.

Updated July 21, 2013
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